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India is diversity’s favourite playground. From cultures to scriptures, race to religion, diversity has made its presence felt everywhere. Even in the Indian cook rooms. However, the world has changed. So have our priorities. We have moved out of our homes, chasing material pursuits. And the Indian recipes known to our great grandmothers have been lost in the dusty shelves of time.

In a world where local cuisines have been replaced by fusion foods, authenticity is missing from the plate. This is where dish-based curries, pastes and ready-to-cook food have taken their rightful place. They might be low on preservatives but they are low on diversity too. Our imagination is restricted to the popular dishes available in almost every Indian food joint.

But what if someone out there chooses to break the stereotypes? What if someone introduces new ways to enjoy food by unlocking food’s full potential? What if a brand, wanderer at heart, reintroduces and reboots time-tested and popular cuisines, with a touch of imagination? Bhuna PisaTM does that. By offering new food experiences.

It introduces your palette to a world of interesting Indian cuisines, outside the ones that are currently offered. It presents a rich bouquet of regional flavours from every corner of the country, through a range of products that are accessible to everyone. It helps you to savour the true diversity of India, everyday, in the cosy corners of your home. So now your taste buds can explore the length and breadth of India with ease.

And for all those who could never warm up to the idea of sweating it out in the kitchen, Bhuna PisaTM is the proverbial boon in disguise, since it takes out the drudgery from cooking, making it easy and convenient to prepare a sumptuous meal, anytime.

So what are you waiting for? From Kashmir to Chettinad, or Kolkata to Goa, teleport your family to your favourite flavour paradise. Every time you cook with Bhuna PisaTM. Try contemporary fusions. Or fiercely traditional dishes. And more. In just 20 minutes. So go ahead and eat your heart out. Explore the unlimited culinary journey that India has to offer.